History of Bloodnames

Bloodname refers to the surname of each of the 800 Mechwarriors who stood with Nicholas Kerensky during the Exodus Civil War. The right to use one of these names is the ambition of every Clan warrior since the system was established. There is a limit to how many warriors may use each Bloodname. When a Bloodnamed Warrior dies a special trial, called a Trial of Bloodright, is held to determine who will assume the Bloodname. The warriors must prove their linage to the Bloodname he or she is fighting for. The contender must win a series of duels against other contenders to claim the Bloodname.

Bloodnames are determined matrilineally, at least after the orginal generation. Because a warrior can only inherit from his or her female parent. And as such can only lay claim to one Bloodname.

House Kilroy and House Cammander each have three Bloodnames.

House Kilroy’s Bloodnames are as follows.


1. Khan Athkusi Pryde

Hazen: 1. Star Commander Kvigrekker Hazen 2. MechWarrior Alfdis Hazen 3. Khan Athvalr Hazen

Malthus: Currently unclaimed

House Cammander’s Bloodnames are as follows.

Kerensky: 1. Khan Vargleifr

Ward: Currently unclaimed.

Wulf: 1. Mechwarrior Vargott

A Trial of Bloodright is one of the Six Trials of Combat and determines the assignment of Bloodnames.

The trial involves a single-elimination tournament of one-on-one combat duels. The number of candidates may vary, so a candidate must best all other candidates in a series of five duels to win the Bloodname.